7 Ways to Beat Stress

Stress is part of every individual’s endeavor. You don’t have to worry about it just learn to control sources of your stress. Manage well and everything will be alright. Here are some ways to tame your stress.

  1. Always consider the positive outlook. Since stress is part of our health routine, this means the key is your outlook in life. Yes, stress is not a bad thing. When something comes your way, do you look at it as a challenge or a burden? When faced with a difficult situation, try and think of it as an opportunity to grow and become an even better version of yourself.
  2. Be healthy, stay healthy. Stress is not the main cause of heart problems and all the other diseases usually associated with it. Though, there is a link, but it’s how we react to stress. When faced with difficult situations, how many of us eat junk foods, smoke, drink alcohol and get to rehab, chug down energy drinks or skip meals? Instead of going down the path, deal with stress by doing in healthier manner. Remember, if you are physically fit, your brain stimulates better. So, get enough sleep, eat and drink regularly, and exercise (even short brisk walks will make a difference in changing your perspective!)
  3. Uphold self-management. Always assess, organize and delegate everything around you. Usually what stresses out is pressure – pressure of deadlines, expectations, schedules and more. Breaking down the source of your stress into small manageable pieces will help you see that it is not so impossible to deal with. Create schedules – daily lists of schedules. With this, you will be able to see which task you can do on your own, and which tasks you need for an assistance. If such, never hesitate to delegate or ask for some assistance – “two heads are better than one”. Always remember the good result of it than shame for asking some help. To avoid pressures as well, always create your list of tasks and schedules of appointments and activities – stay organize, stay out of stress!
  4. Reach out. “No man is an island”, agree? Whenever difficult situations arise, never hesitated to ask for help or share problems with friends and colleagues. Not only can they help us deal with our stress, they can also provide us “laugh breaks” – friends would always cheer us up! Always catch up with your friends or colleagues during break times. Never stay on a corner on your own. Speak with your friends and colleagues about some experiences and challenges; they would share their insights that might help you, maybe not at the moment but surely for some other situation. You will be surprised that some thoughts of them are useful on a certain situations. Talk with your family and old friends as well. They might have different perspective that you and your colleagues have, and you come to realize that talking with people outside of your work environment can be refreshing and enlightening as well. Above all, being with people you love – and who love you – is always a source of strength.
  5. Never forget leisure time. Relax and enjoy. Don’t deprive yourself from relaxation or activities that might help you enjoy. If you love music, sit back and listen to it. If you love road trip, go and unwind yourself. Watch movies, eat with old friends, tour with love ones and more that would settle your mind from stressful works. Not only will being relax will help you focus on which things are important, it will also allow you not to take yourself so seriously.
  6. Spend some time in silence every day. You might want to do yoga or meditation. It would help you relax and refresh your mind. Make time for yourself, and take a break from the info-stream every day.
  7. Breathe and let go. Crying can be very therapeutic. According to Sinatra, “Crying is one of the most cleansing experiences you can go through.” But, don’t stick crying all day; too much cry would be stressful as well. Cry all at once, after then move on – take a deep breath and let go. Learn to forget and assess. And, remember to do things one at a time, rush and pressure is stressful. Make assessments and reflections of yourself and your daily works. You might come to realize better ways and ideas.



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