Dream High – Be a Goal-Getter, Be an Entrepreneur

To-dos, goals, and plans are an essential part of any entrepreneur’s life. Learn how to streamline your short and long-term objectives to get bigger and better things done by the end of the day, month and year.

What you must do? Laundry your list of what you hope to accomplish by quarter or annual. List down everything, before starting your business operation, or from the start of your business operation. You must have a separate to-do list for daily or weekly, monthly or quarterly, and semi-annually or annually. It can keep your mind occupied and avoid stress of extensive impromptu tasks – having too many aims at a time can crowd your thoughts and confuse all your objectives.

Make a Distinction between Goals and To-dos

Before you start working on getting your goals, make an effort to distinguish between goals and to-dos. A goal is a big picture objective that takes planning and several steps to accomplish; to-do is a task that you need to tick off a checklist. To-dos are your necessary steps to take before reaching a goal. To-dos are sometimes referred to your daily or weekly lists. Knowing the difference between these two can help you delineate the errands you have to run and get you organized well.

Create Checklists

If the goals you set for your business and for yourself follow and particular timeline, it is helpful to create a checklist that can take you through minute tasks you need to complete each month before reaching the end goal. That is the reason why must make an effort to distinguish your goals and to-dos.

One tool that would help you best is to work with a calendar. Monthly calendars are essential for penciling in important dates of appointments, and marking your own personal milestones. Seeing how your month pans out helps you assess whether you can speed things up and get things done earlier than expected.


  • Monitor yourself. Checklists and monthly calendars are perfect for following through because they allow you to constantly see where you are in terms of your progress. Be persistent in checking how far you’ve gone – that will only make getting to the end even more rewarding!
  • Be SMART. It’s good to shoot for the moon, but following through on larger-than-life goals can be somewhat challenging. It’s easier to keep yourself from falling off the wagon by making sure your goals are Specific-Measurable-Attainable-Realistic-Timely.

Schedule Your Day

Break down every day in categories of to-dos – morning, afternoon, and evening are flexible categories that don’t limit you to specific timeframes but help you imagine, at the start of everyday, exactly what needs to be done. Do these at night before you go to bed and relax, so your tomorrow’s tasks would be always ready and organize – being load up with tasks would confuse you and let you forget things easily. Workloads can be a pain when sudden, or unforeseen changes come up. Though we can’t control unforeseen changes, but we could easily make decisions for it and easily provide solutions for every obstacle that may occur. Daily schedule may seem constricting, but it allows you to be more flexible.

Create Plan A, B, C

Creating schedules would organize your mind on what needs to be accomplished. But, as mentioned, unforeseen changes or fortuitous events are uncontrollable matters. You always wanted to achieve your goal on its best ways possible, but constraints are unavoidable, so better create a lists of plans A, B and C. This would avoid stress and could make you accomplish your goals even with uncontrollable matters occur. You wouldn’t be load up with extensive and immediate decision-making since all you have to do is to incorporate your plan B if plan A failed or Plan C if Plan A and B failed.


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