Facebook as a Great Help on Generating Your Sales

Most people might have their own account on one of the social network present these days. Among the plethora of social networks, Facebook, with millions of users globally, might represent the biggest marketing opportunity for various companies, large and small. What do I mean? Using facebook, your own account or create new page, you could publish and create your brand personality online with less or no cost and with less effort.

Be real. Your customers are already on Facebook, checking photos, videos and updates of their friends. Once they liked something, they are eager to know about it. Now, enabling them to reach you would be great opportunity of delivering updates about your business and, somehow, acquiring information regarding your target audience’s needs and demands.

All business must be paying attention on their target audience’s likes and interests. People would always post their likes and interest on their Timelines, so advertising can granularly target people who would be more interested in hearing from your business. You may always acquire essential information about your target people on Facebook with no cost and less effort.

With less effort, Facebook, understanding the need of business owners, enables scheduling your updates to post at a future date and time using the Facebook sharing tool. Simply by clicking the symbol resembling a clock in the bottom row of the sharing tool and selecting a time and date that you’d like it to go live, you can post a Status Update, photo or video up to six months in advance, how amazing it is right?

Facebook as well has promoted posts. You can pay a fee to promote a post so it will be shown in the news feeds of more of the people who like your page than you would reach normally. Friends of Facebook Members who have interacted with a promoted post will be more likely to see the information in their news feeds as well. Promoted posts cost $5 or more.

However, only pages with 400 or more are eligible to promote a post, and similar to scheduling your post. Anyway, 400 could only take you few times to accomplish and while waiting for such, you may use Status Updates, Photo and Video to publicize and create a personality of your brand. Your family, relatives, friends and colleagues would be your best first likes and so on and so forth.  Rest assured, you would be exposed to your Friends of Friends and their Friends. And, you would amazingly see the effect on your page or account.

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