Do not be afraid – Failure is just a piece of the journey

Are you afraid to fail?

Many are so afraid to fail, so they tend avoid doing the things that may earn them valuable lessons in life.

I failed, so many times, in fact, i can’t even count them with all my fingers combined. But the good news is, I failed and learned! When I failed, I learned something, when I failed a lot, then I learned a lot.

When we were first born, we never understood anybody, we can’t even understand a word our parents says. So how did we even learn what to do and what not to do? We observed.

At first we kept seeing our parents on a smiling face. So we assume that is nice, and so as a child we also kept a smiling face. Then we felt happy, and it is a good feeling so we did it, it’s nice anyway.

When a child sees a candle light for the first time, he tends to go near and wanted to play with it. And after he gets a burn from the fire, he feels pain, so he will try to avoid getting burned to avoid pain. It is a normal emotional reaction. Psychologists, even in the early days, use pain and pleasure to train animals, and even people. Although it should be used  with caution since it may impact psychological side effects.

Okay, enough for science. So what am I saying is that, Pain is okay, It helps you learn, so don’t be afraid to fail, pain won’t last long, but the lesson you learn will last a lifetime. We’ll sometimes you have to consider the magnitude of pain for a particular risk you are taking.

What are you afraid of? What kept you from achieving your goals?


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