Hybrid Corn for a Profit

While reading manila bulletin’s online, though it was already published few weeks ago, the article “Women Farmers Grow Hybrid Corn” caught my attention.

Women these days are great competitors, they are indeed good entrepreneurs that creates new ideas and establishes their own small businesses. However, women don’t just do good being entrepreneur, instead, they make good farmers as well, just like two women from Brgy. Posnaan, Aguinaldo, Ifugao who are working on growing one of the latest corn hybrids called Healer 101.

Julie Tinong, 36 utilizes her two hectare farm in planting the said hybrid corn. In her latest dry season crop, she got an average of 120 cavans, with 56kg. per cavan, per hectare, which she sold at P13.00 per kilo. She only spent P20, 000.00 per hectare, which made her earn well.

Just like Julie, Isabel Cauelan, 63, also from Julie’s barangay, utilizes her three hectares on planting Bioseed’s Healer 101. For three years that she has been growing the hybrid corn, she usually harvests 120 cavans per hectare, especially during dry season. She treats corn production as a business. In fact, she hires a tractor to prepare her farm for planting, and costs her P25, 000.00 for the production.

According to the article:

Sometimes, though, disaster strikes. When flood and typhoon struck and damaged her standing corn, she got only 49 cavans (dried). That was the lowest yield she ever got but she still managed to make a small profit. That’s one good thing about Healer 101, she said. It can survive some of the worst natural disasters.

Agriculture plays important role to the country’s economy. Among the important roles are:

  1. Agricultural sector provides food to the Filipino people. Philippine soil is best suited for root crops such as rice, corn, potatoes, etc.
  2. Agricultural sector provides raw materials needed to create other products.
  3. Agricultural sector contributes to economic progress through exporting.
  4. Agricultural sector provides employment to a large number of Filipinos, especially to rural areas.
  5. As agricultural sector progress, other sector progress since it supports other sectors of the country’s economy.

This is good news, Philippines are far better on agriculture than industrial, agree? We lack technological equipment, machineries, devices, etc. so why not improve our agriculture. Just like what we all said to ourselves, improve what we have and gain what they have!

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