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It was around ten close to midnight when we felt like having dinner, we normally eat late at night due to the type of schedule we have in the office. So my partner and I along with one of our newly hired guy decided to go out for a dinner. Its ussually better to eat out sometimes, especially with teams, it was actually a good time for us to strengthen our relationship as a team.

While walking our way to find a good restaurant, we found a newly opened grill house not that far away from the office, the ambiance felt like relaxing, and everything seems soothing, the grill house was in a garden alongside a classic condominium and dining in the open air might be a great Idea.

So when we entered one of the attendants warmly welcomed us and asked us to sit on any table. And so we did, while waiting for the attendants to give us the menu, we talked for a while and we never realized it was already more than 30 mins eversince we entered the grill house. And we haven’t ordered anything yet, we were waiting in vain but no one seemed to have noticed that we didn’t have anythin in our table yet. I tried to call one of the attendants but it seems the dishes left off by other customers was their priority over waiting customers, so I decided to call another.

The later then looked at me, and went on to the bar, I was expecting that they are going to deliver us the menu, unfortunately we just waited for another ten minutes or so.

So we just decided to leave and eat at China Rice, a Chinese restaurant along wack wack near petron. It was quite a good restaurant, and since we are about to eat meal, we don’t actually wanted put our good evening to bad mood.

It was quite a dissapointing scene but we never tried going back to that place again. And since it was named macopa grill house, we just called them makupad grill house ourselves =) it just made us smile, for there is no place for anger actually. Food must be treated well 😉


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