How to Build a Long-term Relationship with Your Team Members

Aspiring to develop your business into bigger enterprise? Of course, we all do, and it’s a systematic way of success. While managing your sales and marketing, cash flow, inventories, then, simultaneously manage your team members and build a long-term relationship with them. Yes, of course, you wouldn’t like having a hard time frequently looking for team member on a same position. What you need are trusted, patient, responsible, committed and with good attitude to serve your buyers.

Your people, team members, employees or some say sales force plays a key role in growth, development, profitability and strong impact on your customers of your business. It may represent a big or small number of people but they are your critical resource that must be nurtured, developed and motivated to fulfill their potential within your business venture, which shows what kind of business you have. Since, they are the most valuable representations of your company. Agree?


First, let’s start in motivating your team members. Motivation is getting your people to work with their potential and focus towards their job description.

Your people needs constant motivation to maintain their performance, raise their productivity and encourage them to unleash their best potential by offering ways to address each of their personal needs.  Each and every one of us needs to survive, to be safe, to belong and to be accepted by others, to be recognized and respected and with self-achievement.

You might not be able to provide everything, but somehow, you could help and guide your team members to achieve their personal needs by providing them the right pay back, rewards, incentives, tap on their shoulder or recognition, emotional concerns, and don’t forget to give them some break by offering socialization, team building, etc.

Remember, a visible financial reward is not always a motivator. Sometimes, tap on the shoulder or recognition weight more than any material rewards.

Performance Appraisal, Training and development

Appraisal system formalizes you to sit with each of your team members to review their performances, to recognize them for doing their jobs and to determine the needs of each team member and their ability to satisfy those needs through the job. It is important that performance appraisals are conducted regularly, and form part of your normal sales management practices in motivating and providing feedback to your team members.

You might be wondering what and how to measure on your team members? And I say, there are three areas that you must appraise, job performance and achievement, personal skills and competencies that affects their job performance, and subjective factors such as personal characteristics, attitudes, development and trainings and difference in their potential.

Measuring each of your team members’ job performance and achievement is important to uncover troubles, recognize their achievement and help them develop their skills. Knowing all about their job performance would help you guide them on what must be changed, developed or trained on your team members, especially problems that they encounter.

While your members’ skills and competencies are important towards their success and your success as well. Do they have the right skills and right job position? This is what you must ponder about your team members. Uncover their skills and competencies properly, put them on the right job and position, and they would be performing well, satisfied and happy of what they’re doing.

Lastly, subjective factors that affects your team members’ performance. Know your member’s strengths and weaknesses, and how they impact on your team members’ performance – enthusiasm, integrity, reliability, sincerity, self-confidence, persistence, resilience, intelligence, adaptability, maturity, commitment, etc.

Identifying their performance level would give you an idea on how to moderate them – what, why and how to train and develop them. Are they lacking something? Are they doing something wrong?

Attitude as well is one big factor. Bad attitude would generate bad sales and good attitude would generate good sales. Your team members’ attitude to the job, the company, his customers and colleagues all have a bearing on resultant performance, and negative attitudes warrant comment just as positive attitudes justify praise.

Training your people is a valuable investment, and you must NEVER think of the training costs as part of your expenditures, because it’s not! And, when I say cost, this includes monetary or non-monetary costs. You could be able to unleash their skills and potential to motivate them commit themselves in your business. Train your people and develop their potential, your people could be a valuable asset and could be your key to continuous increase in sales, especially your sales representatives

Your team member’s job satisfaction is important in committing and doing the job at their best to your company. Your team members are front liners that directly serve your customers. And they provide great impact on attracting and maintaining your buyers, and to continuously gain profit. So, invest on them, train and reward them properly so they could be satisfied, happy and excellently perform their job.

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