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E-commerce these days is rapidly growing. Social networks to mention, people are creating pages on facebook, or even you as well, that would promote, expose and sell their products to various facebook users. While on twitter, they repeatedly tweet, hourly, their business and product offerings. I run into this idea while reading the Manila Bulletin’s article, “Mobile Internet on the Rise”.  And, one of my friend pop into my mind, when she was busy searching clothes and garments on one of her friend’s facebook page, using her smart phone. Learning that, there are countless facebook users who use facebook to expose their retails.

Mobile internet usage in the Philippines is rising because of smarphone’s bundled mobile data, internet and various applications that uses wireless internet. Especially that telecommunications company, Smart, Globe and Suncellular, are offering postpaid plan, with different options of SMS, calls and internet usage services, payable within 2 years, bundled with a choice of quality smart phones from all the top manufacturer’s, at discounted prices.

According to Manila Bulletin’s report:

The report also cited manufacturers such as Samsung, Apple, Nokia, Research in Motion, and HTC shipping an estimated 144.9 million smart phones just within the period.

Wow! Look around you, what do you see? Isn’t it people texting or playing using their smartphones? And, some entrepreneur uses this mode to transact with their clients. Just like apple, they offer an application called “facetime” where you may talk with your client face-to-face. What’s the catch? Whenever you transact business, you may easily show your client your product whatever, whenever and wherever you and your client are.

Again, as Manila Bulletin stated:

“As smartphones become more pervasive and easier to use, more Filipinos will use it to access the Internet,” Vea projected.

Yes, it’s true, especially now that countless business establishments, even SM and PLDT offer Wi-Fi, it may be free or paid, internet is convenient and accessible to people. Consumers could easily access e-commerce sites and enjoy their own purchases, and entrepreneurs as well expose and offer their products anytime and anywhere with mass audiences.

E-commerce is one good way of establishing your own small business. And, establishing your own business would help you generate more income, whether you have your own job or not. And if you don’t have a job, the good news is, you may establish your own small business using e-commerce, why not?

This is a good start, stay at home and generate an income! If you remember the article I have previously written about making money off your pre-loved items, this is a good guide for you to generate income. To give you a glimpse about the article, it is about trading items that you seldom or you don’t use, earn money and expose the products through e-commerce; it’s easy and would cost you zero budget.

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