10 Reasons to Small Business Venture

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Opening a small business is an additional profit, challenge and responsibility for you. You might be wondering “why take risk in putting up my own business?”, and I say there are several reasons why you must start your own small business venture. Yes, you might have a stable job right now, but ‘till when you are staying on that job? Failure can always be present, I admit – failure in your job and business I guess. But, like most of us tell to ourselves, “learn from your mistakes”, since failure is your stepping stone to success, and while you have time and opportunity prepare and anticipate failure and venture into business.

Here are few of the top reasons to start your own small business:

  1. You become your own boss – Who wouldn’t like to be your own boss? Many entrepreneurs wanted to take control and make their own decisions. Why not? When you become your own boss, you as well control your own destiny. In other words, business venture saves you from working for anyone else. Meaning, owning a business will allow you to take control the culture of it. You get to decide what, when, where and how you are going to steer your business’ future.
  2. You do what you want ­– Owning a business will allow you to do what you’re interested in. In other words, being an entrepreneur allows you to choose what kind of business you start-up, where and how. The best part is, you get to work on your passion and enjoy what you do, no matter how busy and challenging it is, you don’t get so stressful since you make a living doing on what you love.
  3. You take your own risk – Indeed, owning a business will give you risks. But, with great risks comes with great reward, agree? In other words, the higher the risk the higher the reward. And, owning your business will give you confidence, since you take the blame on risk you engage in. You get to learn from your own mistakes and not from others’ anger. You learn to recognize and assess good opportunities from bad ones. And, the good thing about it, taking risk will provide you better ideas and strategies, and pride to what you have achieved.
  4. You really wanted to earn profit – Most of us wanted to earn a stable income, and being an entrepreneur will let you earn not just a stable but with continuous increase of profit. But, it all depends on how you take control your business. Plan and anticipate well future’s issues and troubles, consumer’s needs and demands, financial management and don’t forget your marketing. Small business indeed requires all of these to ensure continuous success.
  5. You own your time – Are you tired of stressful deadlines? Then, why not venture your own business. You might not be aware that you could be a good entrepreneur. Owning your business will allow you to utilize well your time and not stressing yourself on meeting countless deadlines. Of course, owning a business will require deadlines as well, but you would be meeting your own deadlines, and you know better what to do since you control the flow of your business.
  6. You get to decide on your own – Being an entrepreneur allows you to decide on your own on what, when, where and how to do your business. You wouldn’t be stressed from someone rebuking you to do what you think is the best and good for the business. As an entrepreneur, you can bet that each day will be filled with new opportunities to challenge yourself, be creative and learn something new – ideas and strategies.
  7. You choose people you wanted to work with – When you work for someone else, rarely that you choose the people you work with. If you get troubles working with your team, there is a high possibility that you fail to do your job well and get stressed working with them. But, it’s the other way around when you own your own business, since you may freely choose the people who will work on your business. Having good relationship with the people on your business will result to “job well done” and quality work, since peace in mind will remain on you and your people.
  8. You get things done faster – When you decide for your own business, working would be easier and faster. No arguments, no waiting and no delays, since you do the things immediately with no one slowing you down. Meaning, quotas will be met well and with more time to do other works on your business.
  9. You envision easier – Owning your own business will let you envision easier because you plan your road-map to success. This would be the sum up of deciding on your own, taking the risk on your own, having your own time and getting things done faster, the result would be envisioned future’s plan and strategies.
  10. You may freely choose a second career – Well, if you don’t fancy giving up a regular income, you may always get the best of both worlds and stay as an employee while running your own business. Lovely and seems easy right? Well, what you must do is proper time management so you may always have adequate time on both careers. A little piece of advice, choose a business venture that you’re interested in – your passion, so it would be easy for you to work for your business, since you enjoy it and you are expert about it, then stress could be avoided.

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