Puregold Opens Opportunity to Sari-Sari Store Owners

Sari-sari stores are small neighborhood retail outlets that many small business owners and entrepreneurs venture in. They provide convenience to consumers with easy procurement of necessities without the need of transportation. According to Manila Bulletin report:

An estimated 800,000 sari-sari stores hold the lion’s share of the Philippine retail market.

Looking around would explain that a number of sari-sari store retail outlet are present. In your residential places alone, how many sari-sari stores can you see? In my place, within 50 meters away from home, there are 3 competing sari-sari stores. Why many of them venture into such business sector?

Sari-sari store is one of the easiest business ventures anyone could engage in. Especially now that Puregold Price Club, Inc., one of the country’s leading supermarket chains, which provide convention to these sari-sari store owners to guide them manage well and help them develop their sari-sari store business. Manila Bulletin’s report said:

Puregold Price Club Inc., one of the country’s leading supermarket chains, is committed to support the sari-sari store sector as it once again gathers sari-sari store owners during the 7thTindahan ni Aling Puring Convention from May 16 to 19 to give them numerous benefits and opportunities, and help them succeed in their businesses.

This is an amazing break to sari-sari store owners around Philippines, especially those owners and entrepreneurs aggressive in growing their own businesses. And the good thing is, to reach out and assist various and more sari-sari store owners, Puregold Company’s convention is held in two venues for convenience and accessibility: the World Trade Center in Manila, from May 16 to19 and in Camp John Hay in Baguio City, from May 16 to 17.

Besides, Puregold Price Club, Inc. as well uses this as their promotional campaign not for the end-user but for sari-sari store owners who serves as their primary distributor. Through Puregold’s convention to help these business owners and entrepreneurs, the benefit of acquiring and maintaining more buyers to their supermarket would be potentially achieved, since these sari-sari store owners would be purchasing from them giving them several benefits. As stated in Manila Bulletin’s report:

The holding of the annual sari-sari store convention is just one of the many support activities of Puregold for its Ka-Asenso members or Tindahan ni Aling Puring members. The other benefits are Kitang-Kita Case at Kitang-Kita Packs, Super Suki SIM for instant and additional business loading, Ka-Asenso Booklet, KAINdustriya for karinderya and canteen owners and caterers, Barangay Asenso Caravan, Grand Ka-Asenso Salo-Salo, Store Paint or Store Signage, Aling Puring account representatives services, Gold Card, co-marketing activities with suppliers, and Negosyo seminars and trainings.

This is good strategy that Puregold Price Club, Inc. is organizing they have been continuously promoting their products and would as well increase their sales, while helping small business owners and entrepreneurs.


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