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Dream has always been a dream and life troubles can never be a barrier towards achieving it! This was always a factor considered by Mr. Domingo Cabato, who has a long time dream and passion of being a beauty artist and making other people beautiful and delighted, in fact he’s one of the people who would definitely want to be always good-looking and presentable.

I always wanted to share my friend’s success story after hearing his life’s story and being proud of what he was able to achieve. Mr. Domingo Cabato has strived hard to achieve his dream and passion. Despite of his family’s financial difficulties, this has not stopped him from finishing his studies. He enthusiastically enrolled Computer Secretariat, a 2-years course at AMA CLC in Laoag, Ilocos Norte, near from his home place Abra, thinking technology has been rapidly changing and the course he enrolled in would be useful. However, his dream and passion never change, he still wanted to pursue his dream and after finishing his studies he worked at Manila as beauty assistant and started to learn hair and beauty techniques.

From his experience working at Hortaleza Manila in 2006 to 2008 and at Nelia Nails and Beauty Centre, Lucky Plaza, Singapore in 2008-2010, he was able to save his salaries and thought of putting up his own business. In July 18, 2010 his long-time dream was attained, Mr. Domingo Cabato started his beauty salon, using his savings, with 300, 000.00Php start-up costs, covering him all the labor, materials and equipment needed to complete his beauty salon. He decided to name his salon “Domingo Cabato Salon”, after his name.

Among his services available are as follows:

• Haircut – 60.00
• Hair Rebonding – 1000.00
• Hair Color – 350.00
• Hair Spa – 200.00
• Hot Oil – 150.00
• Hair Reborn – 500.00
• Semi Rebond w/ Detox – 800.00
• Hair and Make-up – 300.00
• Hair Perming – 500.00
• Hair Cellophane – 300.00

With these service offerings, Mr. Domingo Cabato is open for comments, suggestions and complaints. For complaints, he would repeat the beauty treatment for free for customer satisfaction and to maintain a trusted reputation. He as well used word-of-mouth marketing, referrals, tarpaulins, discounts, and service packages as his promotional tools to attract customers, and to maintain his consumers, he simply serve with high quality and excellent service, honesty and friendly attitude.

You might be wondering how and when I met him. Age didn’t stop him, from studying. To supplement and help his business idea prosper, he went back to school in October 2010 after putting up his business. He was 28 years old back then, he was one of my classmates in one of our subject in the University. We both took Business Administration majoring in Marketing Management. Knowing his age and after learning he finished computer secretariat, have worked and ventured a business, I curiously asked why he is again studying, and he told me:

Gusto ko mapalawak ang knowledge ko tungkol sa business para mas lalo ko pang mapalago ung salon ko. Alam kong kulang ang kaalaman ko tungkol sa pagpapatakbo ng business ko, at kung hindi ko gagawan ng paraan yun, baka dumating yung panahon na ung pinaghirapan ko eh mawala. At para marating ko itong buhay ko ngayon, dumaan muna ako sa butas ng karayom!

He wanted to educate himself that would help him develop and grow his business. He didn’t want it to stay as just simply Domingo Cabato Salon, he knew his weakness, that without business knowledge he thought that he might end-up losing what he worked hard for.

And, he was right! Educating himself would really make him successful. And, now I have seen the development of his business and services. I have seen that customers patronized and loved his creations. I myself have experienced and loved his works, I brought him my cousin, friends, sister and loved his service as well. Just what I have heard from one of the judge in Project Runway Philippines and I liked it:

If you’re doing what’s in your heart and what’s sincere to you, you will succeed!

Agree? You may visit Domingo Cabato Salon at Rm. 207 Dominguez Bldg., General Luna Road, Baguio City for more information.

How about you? What’s your success story?


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