SMEs Recognized the Perfect Points of Sale

Have you been promoting your business? In what way – trade fairs, exhibitions, mass advertising, etc.? Well if you do, then you are one of the SMEs who have been aggressive on participating various trade fairs and exhibitions to introduce and publicize your products and services to the general market. This is a good sign, right?

I have been reading manila bulletin and one of their article caught my attention, their report about small and medium enterprise turns aggressive in marketing. This article interests me since lately I wrote “Why You Must Invest on Advertising?”, encouraging business owners and entrepreneurs to spend money on promoting their businesses, and now manila bulletin have just reported the growing number of participants and exhibitors in the various trade fairs being conducted in different venues in Metro Manila and in the provinces. Amazing right? Since people nowadays are getting educated about doing marketing and its benefits, they have now or might be you as well adopted promotional tools that would gain wider exposure and continuous increase in sales.

As per manila bulletin:

“Small and medium enterprises are adopting an aggressive stance on their business outlook as they are no longer averse to spending for marketing to gain wider exposure and new markets for their products.”

What does this mean? SMEs are now well informed about the benefits of doing marketing on their business, they are now insistent on using promotional tools to publicize their business and acquire new markets for their products. If you have not yet utilize various promotional tools, then what are you waiting for, a number of your competitors might have been participating on various exhibitions and trade fairs, and you have been left alone.

This is good news as well to advertising companies and other business owners that would have an interest to invest on such activities. Why? You already have wide range of clients and partners, since business venture and entrepreneurs are rapidly growing these days.

Manila bulletin in addition reported:

“ESQUIRE Financing Inc. (EFI) is dedicated to furthering the venture of growing small and medium enterprises (SMEs) by offering specialized and fast business solutions to SMEs through the help of TRADECON, which has the expertise of bringing together the SMEs, distributors, suppliers and buyers together.”

Just to give you a glimpse of EFI, ESQUIRE Financing Inc. is one of the leading financial institutions for entrepreneurs and corporations in the Philippines.  The good thing about them is they have incorporated the growing concerns and needs of Small and Medium Enterprises. They have recognized that one of the most important needs of SMEs is a trusted financial partner who will grow and further establish their businesses. If you are very much interested on them and have not yet approach them, join their 4th Philippine Small Medium Enterprise and Franchise Expo activity.

While, TRADECON or Trade Advertising Exhibitions and Conventions International, Inc. is a business trade shows and promotion services company, which will help you reach your ultimate and potential buyer and understand their taste, preference and needs.

Joining trade fairs could be a good source for your market study to determine the trend and manufacture products to your consumers’ preference and gain market strength. People as well noticed that these fairs are the perfect points of sale to introduce new products and attract potential buyers. Putting up your own business is not just simply business venture. Business venture must be paired with promotional tools and one effective way to expose your business and products is through business trade shows and exhibitions. Of course other means of promotion must not be overlooked, business promotions depends on what business you engaged in, what products you offer and when you must offer.

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