Why You Must Invest on Advertising

Why would you spend money on advertising? Business venture is not simply putting up your own business instead you MUST always make customer awareness of your products and services, and inform them about your product’s benefits.

Many people think that advertising a product means selling the products. However, advertising your product’s real aim is to make the general public and potential buyers, aware of your product brands, your goods and services.

You spend money on advertising because you hope to:

• Increase your overall sales and sales of your specific product. Through proper advertising, especially when promoted and used by someone with a well established name and reputation, sales increase will be assured. When trusted individual advertise a product meaning the product is with high quality, since a well repute person speak of it and risk his name under the business and product.
Give your salespeople additional selling information for their sales presentations. How? Since you have publicized your business’ and product’s information, this will be utilized by your sales people to attract potential buyers and maintain your current buyers.
Increase cooperation from your channel members through cooperative advertising with your distributors and/or retailers and promotional campaigns. If you distribute your products to other retailers don’t just leave your products with them, collaborate and always gather feedback from your distributors and from their buyers as well, because their buyers are your buyers.
• Educate your customer about your business and products. Why do you have to educate your buyers? When buyers are well educated about your product function ability and quality, they will be encouraged to purchase your product, and when they purchase your product, find it useful and with high quality, they will repeat their purchase and even refer it to their family, relatives, friends and colleagues.
Inform your potential buyers that your product is on the market and where to buy it. When you are new to the market or have introduced new product to the market, then the only way to inform about your product existence is through advertising. Mass advertising will publicize your business and products, meaning advertising will make your business and products available to the general public and to the whole market. But, I don’t mean that it’s only for new ones, advertising will as well keep potential buyers and current buyers in touch and maintain them.
• Reduce conflicting cognition over the public’s purchase. To reduce cognitive dissonance is to balance the ideas and emotional reactions you want your buyers to perceive and experience about your business and product. Meaning you want to avoid confused idea of your buyers about your industry and products.

Advertising your business and products is not part of your expenditures, or should I say unnecessary expenditures. Because, promotion is your investment, you invest on advertising then expect continuous increase on your sales. Agree? What’s on your mind?


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