XYNERGY CONCEPTS – Business Oriented Siblings Starting their Own Party Organizing Services and Accessories Industry

It’s true that children are only young once. Indeed, many parents would always want their children to have one great memorable parties. This is what Ms. Dimples Nerez thought that “Filipinos are fun of celebrating their special days” and no matter what, this have been prepared by everyone. But, it doesn’t just end at growing child’s celebration it is as well for starting couples such as engagement parties, wedding celebrations, anniversaries, etc.

Working from their home place in Baguio City, Ms. Dimples Nerez decided to pursue party organizing services and accessories. They started in May 2009, with their party accessories around Baguio for only P30, 000.00 as their start-up costs, which comprises with the ubiquitous balloons on stick in small or big sizes.

Relatives and friends were their first customer, and for as low as P180.00  per dozen without print and P200.00 per dozen with print,  they enjoyed accessorizing their parties with Xynergy Concepts’ creative balloon formations. Among the available products are regular balloon design – assorted or same color and with or without print outs, pillar balloon design – assorted or same color and with or without print outs, balloon centerpiece, floating balloon and balloon arch. It’s the use of metallic balloons that made their balloons and balloon formations presentable and high-quality.

Back then, they have 10 direct competitors. And, in order to offer cheaper price, they did business only through phone and e-mailing, allocating schedules for the preparation of their high quality and creative balloons, and spending zero budget on administrative costs.

Xynergy Concept’s first exposure was February 2010, when they joined Baguio’s Panagbenga Festival Market Encounter. JR Nerez, her younger brother was her assistant for the event preparations. It was then when she bought a bubble machine and simultaneously offer glitter tattoos, as an additional service for the business, and the time when she became business partners with event organizing services and event planners. Glitter tattoos was managed by her younger sister, Meli Nerez, and she is also Xynergy Concepts’ layout artist for the tarpaulins they provide on every event they organize.

In 2011, they were able to cater corporate accounts and had additional business associates. Xynergy Concepts outsourced additional party services to develop and be able to compete with other party organizing services – clowns, face painters, ice cream carts – “mamang sorbetero” and tarpaulin printings and tokens.

Looking at the rapid change of environment, consumer needs and competitors, after few months, they decided to add Cotton Candy and Popcorn Cart services, and are managed by Ms. Paula Jeanne Nunag and Mr. Michael Nerez, to provide the great demands of the market. They even came up making personalized cups and sticks.

While, in January 2012, they continuously think of other offerings that would complete their party organizing accessories and services, and Marc Nerez was encouraged to join Xynergy Concepts, handled French Fries Cart and simultaneously add Juice Towers on all of their Party Carts.

With this, they came up with the name “Xynergy Concepts”, instigated from the word synergy, defined as the interaction of two or more agents or forces so that their combined effect is greater than the sum of their individual effects. And, changing the S to X which is according to them hard-to-describe influence or quality. Then, adding the term concept, which depicts an original idea, design, or a central or unifying idea or theme.

They gather feedback from their relatives, friends and referred consumers to improve their services and accessories design over the years. Thru this, they were able to widen their product offerings and designs to cater and attract a larger number of consumers.

Business venture is not as simple as you think you need thorough examination of the buying market and your possible competitors.Make sure to assess and prioritize your target consumers, their needs, desires and concerns so that your business would prosper. Business expansion as well is not just simply broadening your product assortment. Just like looking at the product assortment development of Xynergy Concepts, they did not just expand and expand they slowly add products and services to their product assortment.

Now, they were able to increase the number of their clients and continuously develop their product offerings. They still maintain their home-base strategy by appointment and reservation schedules to preserve their low price and high quality product as compared with their two major competitors. And, to continuously promote and expose their services, Xynergy Concepts display calling cards on their table set-ups of every events they’re catering, they join bazaars and trade events, with updated facebook page and word-of-mouth.

For more details visit them on their facebook page http://www.facebook.com/xynergy.

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