How to Determine Essential Buying Needs of Your Consumers – a Key to Success

Why do people buy? Or let me put it this way, ask yourself, “Why do I buy?”

Needs, life requirements, wants and desires are the reason why we purchase certain stuffs. When people buy your products (product means tangible and/or intangible), this means that your sales will eventually increase, and then your profit will as well increase, which is a stepping stone of your business’ success. Agree?

Determine buyers’ essential needs and focus on emphasizing product benefits that will satisfy the consumers’ needs. Elmer Wheeler, a famous sales speaker, said, “Sell the sizzle, not the steak!” Wheeler meant that your customers buy for their own reasons other than the product’s price and performance, so that they have both rational and emotional reasons for buying.

Well, how can you determine the buying needs of your consumers? The acronym L-O-C-A-T-E will provide and let you remember the several methods that were frequently used to uncover essential needs of your consumers.

  • Listen – Always LISTEN to your buyers, they may drop leading remarks like, “I wish I had a television like this one”, etc.
  • Observe – OBSERVE your buyers, how they act, how they dress, how they speak and how they interact with other people. This would give you the idea on what to offer, when to offer, why to offer, where to offer and how to offer.
  • Combine – A skillful entrepreneur may uncover people’s needs and wants through LISTENING to your buyers, you make careful OBSERVATION to your buyers, probe them with QUESTIONS, you always TALK and interact with experts and EMPATHIZE.
  • Ask Questions – Questions often reveal your buyers needs and wants that your buyers would not want to expose or are unaware of it, and make them realize what they need and buy your product.
  • Talk to experts and buyers – Ask experts and other buyers what they need and want. This would stimulate your thoughts and may help you construct a well defined strategy of what to offer, when to offer, why to offer, where to offer and how to offer. For instance, ask an office manager’s secretary about the manager’s satisfaction with a copy machine.
  • Empathize – Always look and step at the situation from the customer’s point of view. In other words, always put yourself in the shoes of others.

Buying needs are important in increasing your sales. Once you determine the major buying need, you are ready to relate your buyer’s needs to your product’s benefits. Uncovering these essential buying needs have just pushed the consumer’s interest of buying your products, since you have stimulated your buyer’s need and made them realize that you are concern and you understand their problems.

“Basically, this is what selling is all about – determining needs and skillfully relating your products benefits to show how its purchase will fulfill customer’s needs.”

For concerns and problems, we look forward to your comments and suggestions. Thanks for reading!


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