Unique Product Concepts for Business Enthusiasts – What Business is for you?

Establishing your own business and product is one great challenge for anyone who wanted to have his own brand. And, gone are the days that people are satisfied with what are available, these days, people tend to seek products that are new and unique, especially with great convenience and worth.

I am reading one of my old magazines – Entrepreneur Philippines and I saw some potential and unique business ideas that some individual had put up in their places, which we may adapt in our own places as well. And I came up hitting the enticing and successful business ideas that others had pioneered, let’s look into some…


  1. Snapz – This is an idea of students from San Beda College, for it requires them to come up with unique viable merchandise, and they came up with the idea of creating slippers with detachable and interchangeable insteps. And, it didn’t just end-up as school requirement, but, hitting the market of Manila. Their start-up cost is Php46, 000.
  2. Scented Stockings – This was a product inspired from Taiwan’s technology that allows manufacturers to add scents or fragrances to stockings. Qualitrade International Marketing, Inc. pioneered the scented stockings here in the Philippines. They introduced the Selena Natural Fruit Acid Support panty hose since the late 1990’s and eventually, they added two more fragrance varieties, which are the Selena Tartaric Acid and Selena Lavender Essence. Their start-up cost is Php2.3 million.
  3. Foil Pack Bags – We were all aware of such product, right? It is an approach in business venture of recycling foil pack cartons into bags, mats, pouch, purse, etc. Isn’t it great?  And, it would only cost you Php300 to start the business. Out of used foil pack you could build your own small business and all you need is your own sewing machine, thread, and the used foil pack cartons!
  4. Scrap up – A business idea that create bags, pouches, purses, accessories, etc. from cloth scraps and old garments. The start-up cost is Php20, 000. If we have recycling of foil pack cartons, we also have the scrap up business where you could start your business from cloth scraps and used and old damaged garments. Having the long-run business of rags from cloth scraps, and then creating innovative accessories such as bags, pouches, purses, etc. would be more economic and creative.
  5. Storage Service – If you have big space and you were unsure what to do on your space, then this might be a good catch for you. Don’t waste your good space for nothing instead, make it into public storage facility. Just like what Ms. Deedee Leodonio – Mallari of Coltrans Cargo did. She made her extra space into public facility that allows anyone to rent a space as a self-storage facility for business and non-business individuals. Isn’t it great?
  6. Placemat Advertising – Getting noticed and being exposed to prospective consumers is critical first step to making a sale. Cebu City’s Rabbit Advertising Company pioneered the Ads Placemat. This medium consists of full color paper placemats with 24 slots for advertising placemats, each measuring 5.25 cm x 5.94 cm , about 4 square inches. This is a good way to display your advertisings to restaurant placemats, and their start-up cost is Php500, 000.

Can you imagine creating of such businesses of your own? Establishing new product is one of the best but crucial business ownership you could have, since you are the pioneer of such and success rate is high, but, with critical planning and studying of the external and internal factors that may affect you and the lifeline of your business.

Do you have other unique idea or business you have put up? Share us your thoughts and you might be one of our inspirations in business venture. Thanks for reading!


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