How to Position your Business – Chasing your Customers towards Success! (Part II)

Hey! Welcome back on the second part of my “How to Position your Business – Chasing your Customers towards Success!” article. But, if you were not able to read the first one, check out my previously written “How to Position your Business – Chasing your Customers towards Success!(Part I)” article and, I might help and provide you more details to boosts on your strategy and chase the public, then get back on this.

But, for those who were able to read the first part, let’s get it on.

Identifying the Right Competitive Advantage

Choosing the right competitive advantage is the next step that you must consider for you to conquer the market. How will you be able to choose the right STRENGTH of your business? Unique selling proposition is what you must reflect on. This might be confusing…

This is the catch, if competitive advantage is your BUSINESS STRENGTHS or the set of BENEFITS that you have, as compared with your competitors, unique selling proposition (USP) is the marketing statement you use to sell and boost your competitive advantage. It’s a selling message or slogan to ensure that your customers understand clear the strengths and benefits you offer, which your competitors don’t. In other words, it is a statement highlighting your focal selling point.

Once you have identified your competitive advantage, it’s time for you to flaunt it. Define and describe what your competitive advantage is, through your well-created unique selling proposition.

Guidelines in Developing USP  

For you to have an idea on how to develop your own USP here are some guidelines that may help you.

–          What is it my customers want?

–          What could satisfy my customers?

–          What is the prevailing reason for my customers buying from me?

–          What can I do that matches or exceeds those expectations?

–          What do I do to make sure the customers get what they want?

–          What do I have which my competitors don’t? (my competitive advantage)

–          What is unique about my business?

–          How can this be made different from my competitors?

Let’s exploit my previous example – tutorial services, and your team’s strength is MBA or PhD or both. Then, your unique selling proposition might be, “make difference with our specialized tutors and be the best student”. Or, you have catchy things on your mind, which depends on what you wanted your consumers notice you, as long as it attracts them, and you have followed the guidelines I provided.


What to avoid if you want to promote more than one competitive advantage?

You might be wondering if you could promote more than one benefit, yes you may! Just keep in mind the guiding principles I provided you above, so, you won’t create bad positioning in the minds of your consumers. I have noted some key points on what to avoid, if you want to promote more than one advantage.

First thing to remember is, to avoid Under Positioning, or a positioning message that is lacking, or you fail to define your business’ benefits. Meaning, your consumers were not able to identify and understand your brand, or the product’s features and benefits.  

If we have under positioning, this has counterpart, which is Over Positioning that you must be aware of. You might present the focal selling point of your product, but, beware that you might be exaggerating it! What do I mean?

Over Positioning your brand is giving your buyers a narrow picture of the product’s benefits. You are, likewise, making the product too special, that you make the buyers believe that the product is meant for very selective audience, for its premium specifications!

For example, you are selling shampoo to 18 years old female consumers ONLY! Is that even possible? How do they differ with other teenagers?

Or, you have priced your product using skimming pricing, which is a strategy that you have introduced your products to the market at a high price, then, people might think that you are catering with upper class consumers, well in fact you are targeting middle class buyers, beware!

On the other hand, if there are under and over positioning errors, you might also think over confusing your consumers. You must keep in mind, and avoid Confused Positioning, which leaves your consumers with bewildered image of your business.

Confused Positioning happens when you have created too many claims, or you keep on changing your positioning statement frequently.

How will you establish your brand, if you created various claims, or change the message repeatedly? If you have committed this, you might build a dubious reputation, and consumers won’t trust your offerings anymore, which is worst and we don’t want that to happen!

That is why you must articulate well your positioning message, and ascertain on the strength and crucial selling point of your business. So, I advise you to analyze well your unique selling propositions, and review the guidelines I provided above.

Alright! Have you identified your competitive advantage? Or, you keep on wondering why do people don’t come to you, and now you have realized that you have committed one of the errors in positioning? Hmm, changing your positioning statement ONCE is not a problem, as long as you have changed it to the best, and as what have I told you, just once because you might confuse your consumers, and it was a bad thing! But, we would love to if you share us your thoughts and we might as well talk about it! 🙂

Hang around for the third part of this article, and you may know more on the details of positioning. Thanks!


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