What Franchising Industry are you into? (Part II)

If you have read the “What Franchising Industry are you into? (PART I)” article that I have previously written, you would probably have some idea on what franchise might work on you. But, if you miss the first part of this article, it would still be OK but I suggest you to check for more franchise ideas. Well then, let’s stop this introductory part and start with the main gist of the article.

Most businesses are located in Metro Manila, and if you are outside Metro Manila just like me. These franchise businesses are good opportunity as business venture. For more franchise industry here are more sectors you can choose from to start with your business.

Service Industry

Just like the previous article that I have written – “Skills, Talents and Knowledge – Earn thru Tutorial Services Out of your Field of Specialization”, high demand in tutorial services and review center have rapidly increased. Likewise, pre-school centers are increasingly becoming popular, and thus present viable franchise opportunity. Similarly, middle class families find a good opportunity and enhancing capabilities in sending their children to tutorials services which may be music tutorials – singing and playing various musical instruments, dancing classes – ballet which has been one of the most promising talents of the Filipinos, etc.

On the other hand, educational centers are seen to have a rising demand on the business world. Several centers such as educational centers for children with special needs, including struggling and special learners are service offerings with high rate of success. Special education centers use unconventional, flexible and very adoptable teaching approaches to children with special needs. However, special children are not the only ones who need tutoring, even your children with low academic performance and only just to provide and help your children to perform better on their school works and lessons.

Aside from educational centers, lying-in clinics are also becoming popular as franchise business. This service offering understands the underlying predicament towards families that could not afford the birthing services and care in conventional hospitals. Lying-in clinics are an affordable, convenient and a no worry alternatives to these families, with decent yet affordable pre-natal and post-natal services.

Fitness Training Centers are also one good business prospect that you could choose from to start with your own business. Health-conscious consumers continue to fuel their growth of fitness franchising. Fitness Centers would help our dear consumers not only to be fit but to be effective and efficient on their daily routine.

Another emerging business idea for franchise is the Senior Care Services. The 65-plus population continues to grow, and senior care franchises are growing right along with them. Consumers especially those busy at work and with no one to help them assist and take good care for their grandparents and parents would have convenience in taking their elders to these senior care centers.


Here are some of the franchises that you may venture in:

Tutorial, Review and Training Services

  1. Center for Pop Music – www.centerforpopmusic.com
  2. E.nopi Math and English – www.enopi.com
  3. MSA Tutorial and Review Center – www.msa.edu.ph
  4. SIP Abacus Brain Enhancement Program – www.sipabacus.com
  5. Power Memory Franchising Inc. – www.powermemoryfranchising.com
  6. Winged Wonder – www.wingedowonder.org
  7. The Honors Learning Center – +1(801) 494-8462 (Telephone support is available 24/7 support)
  8. C2 Education Center – www.c2educate.com
  9. CKO Kickboxing – www.ckokickboxing.com
  10. Get in Shape for Women – www.getinshapeforwomen.com
  11. Koko FitClub LLC – www.kokofitclub.com
  12. CoachMeFit – www.coachmefit.com

Lying-in Clinic

  1. Well –Family Midwife Clinic – www.wfmc.com.ph

Senior Care Center

  1. BrightStar Care – www.brightstarfranchise.com
  2. Synergy HomeCare – www.synergyhomecare.com
  3. Comfort Keepers – www.comfortkeepers.com

Other Emerging Concepts

Since franchising is a very effective way of expanding business prospect not only for profit but with more knowledge, skills, experience, confidence and greater opportunity on wanting to capture larger and wider market share, other unique business ideas are also taking the highly competitive market route.

  1. Mini Me – If you are into personalized memento and token, mini me offers you a personalized, handmade caricature dolls. And, if you are greatly interested on such business this might be for you. You may contact Mini Me at www.minimeisthatyou.com
  2. Kodak Express – Kodak offers an express and convenient photo retail and kiosks. This would be a great business prospect for you if you are photography enthusiasts. You may contact them for franchise details at www.techtrends.ph
  3. BeVendo and eVending – This snacks and beverage vending machines would be great business prospects for offices, schools, hospitals, etc. and it would be a convenient and easy business for you. You may contact them at www.bevendo.com and www.evending.com

Franchising could be one of the easiest and convenient ways to start your own business ventures. Since you are buying the rights to use and perform the company’s name, brand, products and services. Well-established company provides you sure-win consumer awareness on your place, but more costly depending on how it was positioned to the market. If you were able to choose a well-established franchise and the right business for you, success will knock on your doors. But, successful business takes time and effort. You must prepare well and ready yourself for the ups and downs and even the risks you may undergo on your business process. Life-long entrepreneurs have been to stress, risks and success. If you are ready with these rewards, go and venture into your own.

If you have more information and suggestions, please sign in and comment below. Thanks for taking time with my article.


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