What Franchising Industry are you into? (Part I)

Franchise industry has been growing and improving each year and proved that it is an all-weather industry. Every year business ventures are emerging and growing, with that franchising industry gets hotter and provides higher opportunity.

After the years of economic difficulty, Philippine businesses are more optimistic about the future. Philippine business industry became more aggressive especially after the recession crisis that had affected numerous businesses around the world. Filipino franchise companies are among the more optimistic and the more robust sectors in the local landscape, the country credited with the most number of original franchise ideas – close to 700 – in the world.

Franchising experts have identified business industry with high rate of franchising venture. Here are franchising sectors that would expectedly grow significantly.

Food Retailing Industry

Food industry top the list of franchise industry and has never been gone since then. It has been the number one business venture for Filipino business companies. One example for this is the article “Taco Jeep – Food Mobile Business for Filipino Culture”  that I have previously written.

As the famous saying rise “Every cloud has a silver lining”, several new brands have taken center stage, paving the way for upstarts to try and make their mark in the food scene. Filipino consumers are seen to be fancy and cognizant on their health concerns nowadays. Consumers increasingly favor healthy food and drinks that are mindful enough for the different diseases that came to ascend – cancerous snacks and practice that has killed a lot of people.

Food retailing sectors are expected to expand more and with high success rate, but that depends on how you choose your franchise venture. Make sure to select business enterprise that has established well on the Filipino minds.

Some franchises available on food retailing are:

  1. Mang Inasal –  www.manginasal.com
  2. Chic-Boy –  www.chic-boy.com.ph
  3. The White Hat – www.thewhitehat.com.ph
  4. Impressca Salad2go – www.impresscasalad2go.com
  5. Ministop –  www.ministop.com.ph
  6. Clarita’s Bibingkako –  www.claritasbibingkako.com
  7. 7-Eleven –  www.7-eleven.com.ph
  8. Red Mango –  www.redmango.com

For more franchising companies, you may refer to the internet.


Child Care and Garments Industry

Child care services and child garments retail are seen to grow rapidly these days. As more parents return to the work force, more child-care franchises are popping up to meet there needs. Child garments on the other hand came to succeed due to the growth of children birth these days.

You would not want to disregard the material needs of your child. Am I right? You would always assure that all stuff you would give to your child is safe and clean. For this reason entrepreneurs ventured into such that would cater these needs of parents. If you are interested on this sector, this would be a good opportunity for you to business venture.

Several franchises available on child care are:

  1. A+ Nannies Inc., nanny referral service –  www.aplusnanniesinc.com
  2. Adventure Kids Playcare, child-care and entertainment center –  www.adventurekidsplaycare.com
  3. Sunbrook Academy, child-care center –  www.sunbrookacademy.com
  4. Goddard Systems Inc., preschool/child care center –  www.goddardschool.com
  5. Childrens Lighthouse Franchising Co., child care sevices –  www.ChildrensLighthouse.com

Etc. You may refer to internet for more Philippine child care services and children garments franchise.

Beauty, Health and Wellness

Despite the financial and economic difficulties we are encountering, more and more people would still want themselves to feel and look good, and are taking better care of themselves to avoid costly medical treatment and care.

Aside from the typical beauty salons and health spas, establishments that cater to niche markets within this sector, nail salons are also good franchise that are expectedly to succeed. In addition, food supplements are also trend that consumers patronize these days, which most multi-level marketing industry offers.

Moreover, the ratification of the Cheaper Medicines Law in June 2008 has generated widespread awareness – and market demand – for generic medicines that are often more affordable than their branded counterparts. Generic pharmacies generated and were able to draw more and more consumers as the awareness and enactment of such law.

Here are some franchise businesses you may choose from:

Beauty and Health

  1. Forever Flawless Face and Body Center –  www.flawless.ph
  2. California Nails & Day Spa – www.californianailssanddayspa.com
  3. Appleseed Skin & Nail Asia, Inc. – (02) 353-0091
  4. Hugo Barbers – (02) 633-0443
  5. Orange Blush – (049) 464-4114
  6. North Haven Spa – 0917-506-1349


  1. The Generics Pharmacy – www.thegenericspharmacy.com
  2. Gamot Publiko –  www.gamotpubliko.com
  3. Generika Drugstore –  www.generika.com.ph

Franchising is one of the easier and convenient business ventures you can start with. If you are business enthusiasts and have not yet been into business or own a business but still wanted to expand ownership and market share to strategize in maximizing profit and market space, franchising may also be a good choice for you. I hoped I helped you and had a great time, please share us your thoughts about the topic and hang around for my “What Franchising Industry are you into? (PART II)” article. Thanks for reading!






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