How to Prepare Special Pancake Servings and Start Your Own Pancake House

While scavenging the internet I came across with the idea of starting a business with these different pancake servings and toppings. Pancakes have been a great snack and hunger filling meal. People are naturally receptive and accustomed to seeking and trying new ideas and creations. Putting up your own business is a great idea if you want to be your own boss and with this you might not know what awaits you in the future.

If you are a cook enthusiast this might be a good opportunity for you. I have compiled different recipes and serving methods for you to start if you are interested in putting up your own pancake house. You can check these different pancakes over the internet if you want. These followings pancake servings would be great hunger filling for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. Let’s start over!

  1. Classic Pancake – we must not get rid of and/or change the classic pancake that we are used to. Classic pancake would still be great for some individuals who are health and physique conscious. This would only require the usual preparation of your pancake. For better service, you must always ask your customer what toppings or syrup they would want for their pancake.
  2. Apple and Cinnamon Pancake – Apple and cinnamon fruits would be great toppings for your pancakes. Once you’ve completed your pancake batter, heat gently a small saucepan and stir in about 1 teaspoon ground cinnamon with a splash of water. Add half a teaspoon of vanilla sugar and put on the peeled and sliced apple. Top the prepared warm cinnamon and apple over your pancakes, and to add some twist, add a scoop of vanilla ice cream to give delight and twisted flavor on your pancakes.
  3. Vegetable Cream Pancake – Cook your pancake the usual way and top over with lettuce, cucumber, carrot strips and tomato with finishing touch of cream and grated cheese.
  4. Smoked Bacon and Maple Syrup – This classic pancake batter tastes so well with some sweet and salty flavors. Just top over a melted butter, a couple of grilled crispy smoky bacon and drizzle over a little maple syrup over your pancake. And here we go we have one great pancake servings to offer.
  5.  Banana, Honey, Yoghurt and Toasted Almonds Pancake – This pancake indulgence is healthy with its toppings. Once you’ve made your classic pancake, top your warm pancake with a couple of spoonfuls of natural yoghurt and sliced banana. Drizzle over some honey and scatter a few toasted almond flakes for crunch twist.
  6. Banana Walnut Pancake – Once you’ve prepared your classic pancakes, heat gently a small non-stick pan. Melt butter and add some bananas, cook on one side without stirring. Add cinnamon and vanilla sugar to coat. Top the banana toppings over your pancake and sprinkle with chopped walnuts.
  7. Potato Pancakes – Before cooking your classic pancake, combine shredded potatoes and freshly ground pepper. Once you’ve made your potato pancake, you can add some black forest ham and sauerkraut or smoked salmon and spicy crème fraiche or barbecue-curry chicken for your pancake toppings.
  8. Blueberries and Honey with Vanilla Ice Cream Pancake – After cooking your classic pancake, blueberry and Honey would be a great treat for your pancakes. Place in a handful of blueberries along with a splash of water and put it in a medium heat non-stick pan. When the berries begin to sizzle and pop, drizzle over a tablespoon of honey. Squeeze a couple of berries and a sticky dark purple sauce will develop. Once you’ve finished your berries, top it over your pancake and add a scoop of vanilla ice cream.
  9. Spinach Pancakes with Eggs and Mushrooms – Add some fresh chopped spinach to your classic pancake batter. In a separate non-stick pan put a small amount of olive oil and melt some butter into it. Cook a desired amount of chestnut mushrooms according to desired quantity of pancakes and season with salt and pepper. Over your well prepared spinach pancake, spoon the mushrooms over and topped with your desired cooked eggs. This treat works well for breakfast or snack.
  10. Yoghurt, Lemon and Raspberry Pancake – Cook your pancake as usual and add some stirred squeezed lemon and yoghurt over your warm pancakes. To create some twisted flavor, top over some raspberries and drizzle some adequate amount of maple syrup.
  11. Chili Con Carne and Cheese – Our usual pancake is sweet, but they make a delightful treat with some chili flavors, just like some topping your classic pancake with some hot chili con carne and finish it with grated cheese for twisted flavor.
  12. Caramel, Whipped Cream and Chocolate Pancake – After finishing your classic pancake, indulge it with caramel and a spoonful of whipped cream. Fold up your pancake and top over some grated dark chocolate.
  13. Vanilla Pancakes with Raspberry Jam and Ice cream – Before cooking your pancake, add some half teaspoon vanilla extract into the batter. Indulge your pancake with warm raspberry jam over your cooked pancake and add some scoop of vanilla ice cream.
  14. Chocolate Pancake with Strawberries, Cream and Hazelnuts – Add some 2-3 teaspoon of cocoa powder to your pancake batter with half teaspoon of vanilla extract before cooking the usual way. Top over some cream, sliced strawberries, melted plain chocolate and finish it with chopped hazelnuts. Present it attractively to cheer your customer.

This treats could help you to start your own! Let me know your thoughts or if you know some more pancake recipes that would be good to offer sign in and comment. This could help me improve in coming more articles! Thanks for reading…


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