Start a Party Balloon Modelling Business with a Small Capital

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Like any other entrepreneur, most of us don’t have enough capital for our businesses in mind. We wanted to use the least we have for the most worth business we could do. You would not want regretting for not starting using the money you kept in your pocket. You might say “I should have used it than losing for nothing”. You might have a great business in mind and a lot of reasons for wanting it. Your reasons for wanting to start your own business are different from someone else’s. If you always wanted to be your own boss but have been lacking on financial resources, you might want to start your business of your own.

Creative balloon modeling is something interesting and economical for starters. If you are creative and innovative, this might be a good opportunity for you. I got this inspiring business idea from an entrepreneur friend who has his own small business, and it started with balloons. Why balloons? People always celebrate numerous events every day. They celebrated birthdays, anniversaries, wedding, christening, etc. Then, why not target these individuals of all ages? Mass marketing with balloons would be a great catch for you. Plus, investing on it would just be a chicken feed investment.

Balloons are always a necessity on events celebration to create a cheerful atmosphere. Balloons provide excitement, happiness, attraction, and enjoyable party with its different bright colors and wonderful balloon form we could create, and it always provides an entertaining impression. So, why chicken feed investment? P5000.00 is good enough capital for starting such business. All you have to do is to maximize the amount through searching a quality, price effective and efficient, and with product constantly available supplier.

Out of P5000.00, you can have your own party balloon modeling services and be able to purchase bubble machine rental for party events!  To be able to accomplish your party balloon modeling services all you have to do is create and innovate designs and styles you could make off from your balloons. For at least P5000.00 capital you could be able to start a small business. Yes, this has been done by my friend’s sister to grow her event organizing services. Since parties have never been completed without balloons, she started organizing events and forming creative balloons and bubble machine rental to add more service presentation. It isn’t bad right? “Make sweat for P5000.00 and earn ten times of it”.

She started the business early 2008 and now she and her brothers own “Xynergy Concepts”, an event organizing services with party carts, such as popcorn, cotton candy, French fries and ice cream service carts for parties with face and body painting, glitter tattoo and clown services that originated and pioneered such business in Baguio City. Interesting right? Out of P5000.00 investment, you could grow your business into such service offerings that would make smiles and laughter from your customers. Just let your money flow from your investment, be aggressive, and patient, then you could invest and add more services as many as you could to increase profit and market share. Great service earns you great come back – profit, friends, positive impression and people’s trust. Starting is never been easy, but great sweat produces more fruits.

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