Difference of E-Business and E-Commerce: An Idea of Choosing Online Business

A bunch of people used the term e-business and e-commerce interchangeably. They thought that these terms are similar.  But these terms are different, and that difference is essential to companies nowadays. You could actually check online a lot of pieces that discusses the difference of these terms. For both terms, e stands for “electronic” meaning it is an electronic networking.

E-commerce is business conducted through electronic methods. Meaning, e-commerce is electronic transactions involving transferring of ownership of goods, this involves external processes that covers sales, marketing, order taking, delivery, customer service and purchasing. For example, before SOPA law existed, you can download e-book through various file sharing sites for free, and it is considered an e-commerce transaction even though no money crosses the wire.

E-commerce can be categorized according to online shopping and online purchasing. Online shopping is when you do reviews for products that you may want to buy online. You search different options online that would satisfy your needs and wants. Online purchasing on the other hand is when you finally decide on what and where to buy the product you wanted and finally purchasing the product. An example of this is selling of pre-loved items through facebook. You will post several items on your profile and tag it to some or to all of you friends. Some of your friends would choose items they want and they will reserve the specified item. You may then obtain some information and contact details for the shipment as well as for the payment of the product.

However, e-business is not as simple as e-commerce although e-business involves e-commerce e-business has wider range. To elaborate this, e-business is any process a business conducts over a computer network.  It has broader methods and issues that comprise internal processes such as production, inventory management, product development, finance, human resources and customer relations. In addition, it involves new business models and the potential to gain and lose revenue with the existence of aggressive competitors. It is more complex and internal processes focused. In other words, e-business comprises all activities and strategies of business integrated with the website. Several examples of e-business are google, yahoo, the famous online social network – facebook, etc. these companies used e-commerce strategy to strengthen and promote their e-business sites, through advertisements space, online community, file sharing, etc. Then, looking into the above mentioned ideas, all companies must have an e-commerce strategy.

With these several ideas, I would recommend you to employ e-commerce such as selling your products or pre-loved items through online, instead of doing door-to-door basis or the time consuming texting every single contact you have in your phone, why not try to sign in or log in, in your facebook account to post the items or products you are selling.  In this manner, your friends could check into it and might be interested in your products. For more information, I  previously have written an article that could help you start an e-commerce:  Pre-loved Items as an Investment – make money off your pre-loved items.. You might not know that through e-commerce, you would be moving into e-business that would generate you more profit.  As they say, “Great things start from small things”.


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