Open Office an Alternative to Microsoft’s Office

I came across this nice software and thought of informing the public about, cause it might help a lot of people especially those who are operating in Internet Cafes and does not have enough budget to buy MS Office, or is looking for an alternative to reduce costs due to licensing issues.

I know this software is already being used, but for those who aren’t informed yet. Please try it out, I’m making this post to benefit the developers of OpenOffice themselves and a thank you for providing such a software.

What are the key features why you shift to Microsoft office?

1. It is FREE! yess it is free but if you are interested in donating, they accept donations, it won’t hurt if you spare some $$$ do you? but if not, that’s okay. They won’t require you anyway, think about it, you already save almost over 300 dollars!

2. OpenOffice Applications are all compatible to Microsofts office document formatting, so you won’t find any worries converting your documents into OpenOffice!

3. User Friendly Applications! yes I found it user friendly, although the annoying Microsoft Office Assitant is not present, it’s still best off with that feature! 😀

There are couple more but i’d rather keep it this short at the moment. So If your planning to setup an Internet Cafe, and would like to offer Word Processing Services, This is a good answer to your long worries. If you haven’t purchased a Microsoft Office yet, get one of these and you are good to go. It’s Easy to use and the best part is it’s FREE!

You can visit their site software at the latest version is available for download at their website on their download location.


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