Why start a small business?

As the the famous saying says, “Don’t Keep All Your Eggs in One Basket”, everyone has heard of at least once in their life.

Relying on just your day job may not be good at all, one day you may wake up and realize that your treasured job is gone, nada!  You may lose your job for petty reasons or for just cause.  You  can lose your job just because your superior doesn’t like you or due to a recession.  If your company does well, you could still lose your job due to mergers and acquisitions!

Who says your job is secure?

Are you afraid to fail? most people are afraid to start a business; why? they  do not know where to start?, or it is easier to start looking for a job.

One day- I came across a woman loaning money from a friend; My friend told me that the old lady only relies on her pension;

Would you rather be a person who lives paycheck to paycheck or pension by pension?  What will you do when the need arises to spend more? Working a job provides fixed income regardless of how hard of an effort you put into it.

By old age you should be simply travelling around having fun, at home playing with your pet, or busy in your garden full of blooming flowers; not wondering where to get your next meal.

Start a small business now.  Do not put your eggs in one basket!


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