Starting a small business in the Philippines

The Philippines, an independent Republic which consists of over 7,100 islands, is the world’s third largest English speaking country and the only one in Asia Pacific. Though it has taken the business world slightly longer to realize the country’s potential as an excellent outsource destination compared to India, the truth is finally coming out.

The Philippines population have reached over 86 million in july 2006 making it the 12th most highly populated country in the world. It has specific business districts found in key cities of the country where investors can strategically position their businesses.

There are three basic kinds of business organizations in the Philippines, these are sole proprietorship, partnership and a corporation.

For the meantime i’ll list incoming topics about starting a small business:

  1. The Philippines Overview
  2. The Wannabee Entrepreneur
  3. Factors to consider in Starting a Small Business
  4. Determining your products/services
  5. Determining your target market
  6. Types of businesses
  7. The Business Plan
  8. Financing – Fund sources in starting a small business
  9. Business requirements
  10. Business Registration Process

These will be the basic draft for the subject. If you have any comments and suggestion on how to start a small business, home business ideas, and any on the above topics please feel free to drop a comment.

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