Why failing in business is a step towards success

I’m a failure.  Almost, every business I started has failed, yet I consider myself successful.  That doesn’t sound right does it? For most people, failing is a frightening word and people will do everything in their power not to fail.  It’s what we were taught not to do growing up.  An “F” on your report card and you were grounded.  Fail a test and you looked stupid.  We grew up knowing that failure equals bad.  We even teach our kids not to fail because if they do, it’s us that failed to educate them properly.

The word “Fail” should be replaced with the word “setback” because it’s a necessary footstep on the path to success.  To remember that to fail is a temporary state, it depends on what you do from that point forward that will determine your future successes. The successful people I know became successful just shortly after a big failure. It’s trial and error.  Sports athletes all learn how fall or fail properly because it happens to them on a regular basis. This is so they can be prepared for it when it happens to them. Body builders only grow muscle if they work specific muscles to failure. If they don’t, they won’t gain more strength or muscle mass. This is why failure is necessary in life and business. Failure is part of growing.

Failure leads you closer to success.  This doesn’t mean you should go out and sabotage your business to fail.  This means that wherever you have failed in your business, you gained knowledge and insight.  Most people won’t even join the game because they don’t like taking risks for fear of failure.  “If  you’re not in the game, then you’re just watching people play the game”.  These are the words from successful people like Donald Trump, Warren Buffet, Robert Kiyosaki and the list goes on because all successful people understand this.

I can’t remember how many times someone told me they were failing miserably at their business or job and didn’t know what to do. My usual response is “Quit your job if you don’t like it”. The usual reaction is fear of losing their job or business, but they eventually do quit. Failure is not the end, it’s usually the beginning.  Every one of these people that took my advice was angry with me for a couple of months, but after 6 months or so were thanking me for giving them some encouragement to do what they were having such a hard time to do. They learned what it was that they did wrong previously and what to do right moving forward. They will fail again, like you and me. But they will learn and get better at it.  Great innovations come from failure, imagine where we would be if the Wright Brothers never failed at flying.  Colonel Sanders (KFC) at the age of 65 failed over 1000 times before he made any money on his chicken recipe.  Thomas Edison invented the light bulb after 1000 failed attempts.  Vincent Van Gogh only sold one painting in his lifetime and it was to a friend.  Henry Ford failed in business five times before founding the Ford Motor Company.  Bill Gates started Harvard but did not finish and yet Microsoft was born.  Google as a company has had many failed products such as Google video player, Google wave and Google buzz just to name a few.

I wrote this post to give confidence to those people who have risked and failed.  To help push them to keep trying and never quit. Failure is part of success, So I end this post with my own attempt at writing a quote.  If I fail, I’ll write a better one tomorrow.

“To fail is a temporary state, it’s just the beginning of success” – Joeal Manimtim


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