Best Platform for survival is thru Entrepreneurship; Your place in the job market is no longer secure

by A Garlic Man (from IShareLight.Com)

Being an SME owner as well, I am happy to note that choosing the path of business and entrepreneurship has been one of the best decisions in my life.

Our economy, for the past few decades, has dictated that the path to success is as follows: study hard, get a degree, get employed at a prestigious office starting at the bottom, work hard to get promoted, retire and enjoy the benefits of your retirement package.

This formula has worked for several generations, and that is the reason why most of our parents and grandparents espouse this formula.

Sadly, this formula is no longer a guarantee to success.

With the new economy, and with the transfer of information getting faster than ever, your place in a traditional company is no longer secure. With so many people competing for a slot in the job market, once you get in, promotions also become hard to achieve.

The only true way to get yourself further in today’s economy, especially if you were not born rich, is to create increasing and lasting value that others will benefit from. This value you create from work is what the basis of your reward will be. It is true that you may be able to do this practice inside a traditional company. Still, in my opinion, the best platform to do this is through entrepreneurship.

By choosing this path, you let go of all the usual guarantees that employment offers, trading the said guarantees for the freedom of exploring your potential, developing this potential into a “product” that the market will appreciate, and generate income from this “product”.

By doing this, there are no set structures and no specific guidelines that one has to follow. Many people fear the idea of not working inside a structure or not being told what to do. People fear this formula because it calls for more responsibility, and when failure arises, there is no one to blame.

What people who need “structure” fail to realize, and what entrepreneurs have learned, is that the absence of structure creates an unlimited opportunity for growth in value, and consequently an unlimited opportunity to earn and make more than a just a living.

Entrepreneurship may be hard, but it is one of the best ways to explore your true potential.


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