Do you ever ask your self why you’re not rich yet?

I have most respect for self made millionaires. They came from having nothing to being successful in a matter of time. Do you ever wonder how they got there? The burning desire to being rich is what got them to where they are.

It’s really not hard at all to reach success. All it takes is commitment and persistence. If you’re the type of person who doesn’t mind being a laborer for the rest of your life then I believe you won’t continue reading from here on. If you want to succeed in life continue reading!!!

Many people are complaining right now about the recession. They keep listening to the news, reading the newspapers. Getting all this info about how everyone is getting laid off, huge companies are going bankrupt. It seems like the end of life for many.

Do you know 2009 is the year for opportunists? And such year will not come in your lifetime again. This year has the tendency to make fortunes. In other years lots of people had plans. But in 2009 most of the people are crying because of the recession and job losses. But only the opportunistic person will laugh coz he knows that this year is the best year for him.

I can guarantee you that 2009 will change your life if you will take these 11 months as your life’s last 11 months. Just work as much as you can with the only concentration on your business, count each day of 2009 as your life’s last moments. If you lost this year anyhow, then you will loose your life’s best opportunity. Keep this in your mind forever in 2009. And so even if u have an hour or two for free, then don’t waste them in watching TV or films. But go and propose your business to some people because were not going to be an audience any more were launching ourselves for the hosts now and hosts never waste time. They make best of even one free minute they have.

When watching TV u have seen that you don’t get a free second of blank page. Even if they get 2-3 seconds of free time, then they give one advertisement and they earn from it. Wasting time in 2009 means allowing you to live the life like a laborer for lifetime.

People not knowing that this is the time where self made millionaires are being born and sculpted. Right now as you read this forum there are Master Mind Groups all over the world coming up with plans that are going to make them millionaires for the years to come. Take my word, in a couple of years you will see fresh new faces in the millionaires list. Do not let your ignorance hold you back you, will regret it!!!

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I’m the founder of Triple Mind Inc. We’re a Master Mind Group who work on various types of business’s. I own several websites called,, My motto is to stay Money Conscious and you will reach the sky!!!


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3 Responses to “Do you ever ask your self why you’re not rich yet?”

  1. Maria says:

    Thank you for this inspiration

  2. Eric Mallari says:

    Dear Entrepreneurs,

    I have worked in the Network Marketing arena full time for over 14 years. I will be in the Philippines in August 2009 to help launch in the Philippines. I am looking for only several quality people who want to build a successful business to work with.

    I have a proven track record and can discuss being your mentor.

    Yours in Success,


  3. erna tacata says:


    we’re conducting a free wealth course seminar at around makati area every wednesday and thursday at 6PM.
    to give you a quick overview about community, our objective is to spread financial literacy across the country to make the phils first world country.

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    Please confirm if you will be attending the course so that we can reserve a slot to the coaches.

    erna tacata, core team

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