How I use facebook and how you should too?

Over the past months, I read a lot of blog posts stating their reasons for quitting Facebook, and for some reason agencies also ban the Facebook to their users, schools of course is a no exemption.  Facebook is a social tool and everyone will approach it that way.

During the early days, i used Facebook to kill time, and that’s a bad habit. Facebook has a lot of  features good and bad, if you look at the bad side of it, there are a lot of time killers attached to it, you can’t blame them, they didn’t force you into it, you opted in.

So how I use Facebook and how you should too?

  • Use Facebook for business – Facebook has over 750 million users worldwide, and this figure itself shows how much market you can reach. Isn’t that a good figure to market your business?
  • Use Facebook to promote your business – Facebook allows sending a message to a group of people with just a single click. have you noticed that when you write something on your wall, everyone on your friends list get to have that chance of reading it?
  • Use Facebook to listen to your market – Facebook allows you to listen to other people, it quite interesting to know what other people likes or needs or up to in Facebook. And if they were your clients, what would you do?
  • Use Facebook to attract targeted market – Facebook allows you to attract people and widen your reach, have you seen the t.v. PLDT’s “like” commercial?
  • Use Facebook to drive traffic – Facebook is a free traffic tool, oh yes i mentioned Facebook has over 750 million users did I?

So instead of using Facebook as a time killer, why not get paid to use Facebook? Use it to your advantage.

do you have other uses of Facebook? I’ll be interested in knowing it… share it!


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