Secrets to Attaining Wealth 2-Healing our memories

Do you wonder why there are diseases that keeps coming back?  Diseases where there are seemingly no cure like cancer?   Do you wonder why certain events in your life likewise keep manifesting itself, it’s like we keep attracting the same circumstances in our life time and time again? Is it our destiny?  or are we merely attracting the circumstances and diseases into our lives?

We know that certain memories triggers a strong emotional response from us that affects how we act or react to circumstances.  There are many technologies to deal with these unwelcome memories but how about the memories we don’t remember?  Why does certain circumstances triggers a strong emotional response?

Find out how this is happening and how to turn it around.

Join our Secrets to Attaining Wealth 2-Healing our memories
(this will include memories that you don’t remember),

July 30, Saturday from 12-3pm,
at D’ Original Maki Haus 59 Scout Tobias St. Quezon City.

We will be teaching several technique to heal your memories but we will be centering our healing process to the “Healing Code”

The Healing Code package normally cost more than $600/person and will take several days.  We are giving a very short introductory course at P700/person which includes your lunch and materials.  The introductory course will get you started and show you how it’s done so that you can continue doing it at home.

Please call to reserve seats.

Sammy Tan
Wealth Builders, Unlimited


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