Factors to consider in starting a successful business

Had a chat with a friend and the idea of starting a business came out,
I was thinking of starting a new business, and she said “if you have the capital, why not”, then suddenly, In my mind the question came ” do you really need a capital to start a new business?”. There are many fund sources for your business if you just look around.

When I started my first business, I never really had a capital, although I had a job then. The job I had helped me kickstart my business, cause I have it to support my daily financial needs.

But with or without capital, anyone can kick-start a successful business as long as he have the following traits:

1. Goal – Before you can even start that business, you need to define what you need to achieve. Starting a business without a definite goal will just lead you nowhere. You need to be clear and concise where you want your business will take you. From this goal, you may be able to device your  visions and mission for your business.

2. Confidence –  you need to have a strong confidence to be able to start your business, without it, you are just starting an additional burden of creating your own burden to carry. You need to trust in your capability.

3. Strong desire to succeed – If you are still starting out with a business, you should have a strong desire to succeed. You can’t just start and hope to succeed. There is no winning in hoping! You can’t just close your eyes, cross your fingers and hope for the best! That’s suicide, you need to be clear and sure that you are going to achieve your goal.

4. Detailed action plan – If you have the a strong confidence and strong desire to succeed on your business. You will need a detailed action plan, this will serve as your guide.

5. Expertise – You need to know what particular expertise you would need in order to succeed in your chosen business. Of course it is essential that you have the necessary knowledge on the niche, or you are willing to exert effort to learn that niche. If you have already listed out your needs,  you can easily hunt for people who are experts in that field get help / assistance or hire them if necessary.

6. Persistence – You need to be persistent in achieving your goal, because a business has its ups and downs, you must be determined to find out where your business will succeed even if you are faced with temporary  failures.

7. Action – Nothing beats the real work, SUCCESS starts when you start WORKING with confidence, a strong desire and persistently aiming to ACHIEVE that GOAL.


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