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Educating myself is what I always wanted. While working here in Makati in post production, I’ve decided to take a practical nursing (PN) course in KRC, a review center that offers a 2 year practical nursing. I attend my class after work from 5pm to 9 pm, Monday to Friday. It wasn’t easy for me,  having to study and work at the same time. Sending my younger brother to college is also a priority, the tuition fee for PN is a bit higher compared to my college days. I learned a lot while taking up this course, i even got me an idea on how to start a small business.


Pant & Scrub Top Set

Pant & Scrub Top Set

An idea of putting up a scrub suit business started when me and my classmates went to Bangbang looking for a scrub suit. It will use for our clinical or hospital duty. Looking around with every scrub suit stores, we then find a small store full of scrub suits with different designs and sizes. This store have katrina, plain cotton, printed cotton, blazers and lab gowns. They also sell basic medical supplies. While we were choosing and bargaining with the scrub suits, the lady owner offers us if we want to do a business with her she will help us. She gave me here calling card saying if I’m decided to start a scrub suit business she will be my supplier. After my graduation year 2008 I decided to take a risk putting up a small scrub suit business based in Lucena City. I worked on my permits and other clearances, then January 2010 we officially opened a small business and named it “scrub it“. As the name implies, we are selling medical scrub suits and we are also a DTI registered business.

Now, we are in the heart of the city, which is Ravanzo St., Brgy 1, Lucena City. The landmarks is just along Quezon Ave, cor Ravanzo St. Our store is QCRB opposite and 2 stores away from South Star Drugstore. You may also visit our website at


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