A young entrepreneur made $120,000 in 2 days off Osama’s Death

Crazy or not…  the world is filled with news about the killing of Osama Bin Laden, former Al Qaeda leader.  Splash news here and there cutting off your favorite show just to report how the world reacts to Osama’s Death. This young entrepreneur, Maurice Harary, setup his T-shirt website on his apartment as soon as he heard of Osama Bid Laden’s death, who had been shot by U.S. Navy Seals last Sunday night.

Maurice’s website was launched at around 3am on monday, and quickly by Tuesday evening, he was able to sell 10,000 items at $12 per piece earning him a full $120,000 in just two days!

You can read about the full story at Daily Mail.

Maurice’s story is just one of those hundreds of people who are taking advantage of the news that shook the world. I know some of you may think of this as unethical, but isn’t it also brilliant? What do you think?


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