Why customers deserves an extra smile

By: Diane Flanders of veneersguide.com

We have all been a customers and when a personnel gave you a smile there’s a feeling of you’re  welcome here. A smile has the ability to transform a customers mood, feelings, or even behavior. As an entrepreneur, when we offer smile to our clients, it gives us power to produce positive atmosphere specially during negotiations. Studies have shown that it takes less energy to smile, than it is to make an angry face. Smiling more often helps to relieve stress, and even lowers blood pressure. In many situations that individuals deal with from day to day, its really not all about the situation or dilemma that is present, but its all about how you deal with and or address the dilemma that has the ability to affect you. A smile has the ability to shift a negative situation into a more positive direction. For example, an angry customer at a grocery store may be complaining about a product that they could not locate.

The friendly clerk or representative presents and maintains a smile and polite approach while assisting the customer. Even if the situation was not resolved in the customer’s favor, the customer usually calms down, and their mood and feelings change dramatically because of the positive encounter of the clerk. Smiles are powerful, as well as contagious. When we offer extra smiles to our clients, there is a feeling that gives them the thought “I’d love to drop by at this place another time.” or sometimes client gives extra tips for example in a restaurant. A smile is already considered a part of hospitality service.

This has been proven. You may try a smile at someone the next time you take a walk or jog in the park, at work, or at school. You’re more than likely going to receive a smile in return. I mentioned earlier that smiles are very powerful, and they also provide a very positive atmosphere for you alone, and or with individuals that you may interact with. Smiling has the ability to give you a great first impression with that favorite person of interest, give you positive favor during a job interview, when meeting with that financial advisor about a loan, or during the demonstration of that very important presentation. Smiling is closely associated with inner positivism, and every smile should be considered beautiful, however, no smile is exactly perfect. There is truly nothing more beautiful than a great smile.

Many individuals have some tooth imperfection, whether if it’s a chipped tooth, a discoloration, a spaced out tooth, or even a crooked tooth. You have the ability to transform your smile without harsh bleaches, or braces. Porcelain veneers, or lumineers have the ability to transform your smile into a perfect smile. Porcelain veneers are a bit more expensive than lumineers, in that porcelain veneers may require sanding of the sides of the teeth. Once the porcelain procedure is done, it can’t be reversed. The process is irreversible. The teeth must keep a veneer on them or some other type of dental implants from Flagstaff professional dental implant provider. They can’t be placed on unhealthy teeth that have decay, or are experiencing symptoms related to gum disease. A dentist should be consulted to discuss whether this type of dental work is right for you. There are many advantages, and disadvantages to this process as well. Lumineers are actually a much thinner version of the porcelain tooth enamel. Lumineers have a procedure that actually helps to repair damaged teeth, and won’t ruin healthy teeth. There is very little or no tooth sanding associated with the addition of Lumineers. The Lumineers tooth application process is actually reversible.





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