The Challenge: Build a Passive Income before retirement comes

Have you ever thought about your future, say 20 or 30 years from now?  Would you like to live your retirement years in comfort & dignity?

Think about this —

  • Will you be one of the 2% that when you reach the age of 50 up, you’d be living a very comfortable life, that you will be independent?
  • Or will you be in the 45% of the population who are dependent on relatives?
  • Or will you be the in the 30% who are relying on charity?
  • Or will you be one of the 23% who doesn’t have a choice but still has to work even if your body tells you it can’t anymore?

Ever wonder why so many people delay saving for their old age?  Some procrastinate.  Some think they’re too young to even be thinking about it. Some say it’s too far ahead. Some have poor cash management.  And still some just don’t know how to save.  Sounds familiar?

Retirement is inevitable.  Modern man will live longer because of medical breakthroughs.

What’s the solution?

The solution is to build a PASSIVE INCOME before retirement comes.  How?  Build it while you’re still earning your ACTIVE INCOME.

What’s your typical solution that does not usually work?   Bank deposits.  Why won’t it work?  Because of low interest rates.  It won’t get you far.  Another reason is lack of discipline to go and make the regular deposits.  And another reason is ease of withdrawal will always put you back at the starting line. BANKS are safe havens for your short to medium-term needs, but not for your retirement.

Think about this —

The heaviest burden that an old person can carry is an empty wallet or bank book.
No one wants to be poor in old age, but many just don’t make plans not to be.

This is our advocacy — to bring  our dreams into fruition by acting today, firmly believing that small measures we take early, regularly and deliberately will build up and exceed more than the results we desire.  It’s time!

Invest a little at a time, every time, starting now.  It’s time!

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  1. video driver says:

    At the early age should think about your future , prepare for it. Work hard and be ready for your future. Invest your money wisely.

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