What is Search Engine Marketing?

Maybe a you might be wondering what search engine marketing is, there are actually alot of definitions of these term online if you search. Some maybe a bit too technical, some may be a little confusing so i might just as well define it my way in a not too technical manner. Search Engine Marketing is a just another Marketing campaign, focused on search engines, specifically to drive quality visitors to your website. IF you own a website, you will of course understand that your websites visitors are in fact a consumer and may become your future paying customers.

Search Engine Marketing doesn’t have a specific technique as it relies on one company’s strategy or ability to market their brand, product or services for their market.

Search Engine Marketing comes with what Online Authors and Webmasters commonly call as Search Engine Optimization, a process by which webmasters, copywriters, or online marketers do to their website to make it search engine friendly.

I hope i make myself clear on this, if anyone is does have a question, post them.


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